NewTicker Screensaver 0.1


RSS, clock and messages on your screensaver.

As the name suggests, NewTicker Screensaver is a practical screensaver, somewhat different from what you're accustomed to. For in NewTicker Screensaver you'll not see only an image that moves across the screen of your computer, but also has a handy RSS news reader.

Thanks to NewTicker Screensaver whenever your computer is idle this screensaver appears and, in addition to seeing how some geometric figures move across the screen, you'll also see the date, time and news of those RSS channels you subscribe to.

After downloading and installing NewTicker Screensaver on your computer, you can access the settings of the program, where you'll enter the URL for the news channel you want to display on-screen, the background colour of both the news and the window and, if as desired, where you can change the logo image that's displayed next to the news. But that's not all, because if you want you can further customize your screensaver, changing the image you want to show where the news will be displayed or write your own message to display on the screen as a reminder.

So you don't miss any interesting news and be able to read them on your monitor without interfering with your work, it's best to install NewTicker Screensaver. Take this opportunity to download it for free.


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